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Kathryn Sollmann

The 4 Jobs Club

Kathryn Sollmann

Welcome to The 4 Jobs Club

Helping women nurture careers, children, aging parents & households with sanity, good humor & grace

About Me

Professional women rarely have one job. Frequently they have four: their paid job along with caring for children, aging parents and households. During the pandemic responsibilities are even greater...adding in remote learning oversight and fewer resources for childcare.

Every year about 25% of women leave the workforce because they can't make work fit life. With the pandemic even more women are leaving or considering a hiatus until the world settles down. This is troubling because women forfeit up to four times their salaries every year they are out. 

The fact is that every woman can find ways to blend work and life...especially when they have the help and support from other smart and talented women.

Since 2002 I've been helping women navigate careers alongside. family. I'm a career coach, flexible work expert and the author of the book, Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn't Work for Every Woman & What to Do Instead.

It's the "instead" part I really zero in on because I've only met about five women who actually have the personal and family bandwidth for those 24/7 top executive jobs.

Why You Should Join Me

The 4 Jobs Club is a community where you can unapologetically and openly discuss the challenges of nurturing your family alongside your career. 

It's a place where you don't have to worry about being seen as a "lightweight" if you you're not reaching for the next big rung on the corporate or non-profit ladder. You'll be strengthened and empowered by women who are finding ways to continue to develop their portfolio of skills and expertise—and "grow in place"—for now, or maybe forever.

And it's a place where it is OK to develop your own brand of ambition and success. In our community of smart women who help other smart women, we'll talk about how to make a professional pitch for the flexibility you need in your current job—or find a different job where there's more breathing room. We'll explore the entrepreneurial option and whether it's really right for you. And we'll strategize about the big messy issues like childcare, division of household responsibilities...and even what to make for dinner.

Most of all, we'll all keep each other on track for long-term financial security. Because always finding a way to stay in the workforce is a form of caregiving, too—for yourself and your family.

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